Work Positive

About us

At Work Positive we are focused on helping organisations get the best from their people. We also want to help individuals get the best from their work.

As a business of occupational psychologists we bring a robust and research-grounded approach, together with a recognition of the practical and commercial realities our clients face. Our global team has many years experience in working with clients around the people agenda, and we take genuine pride in delivering high quality solutions.

We strongly believe in the value of what we do, and are always looking for ways to apply our expertise internally, as well as with our clients. Where possible we play to our strengths and try to maximise the time spent doing the things we are best at and enjoy most. We also actively work towards building a team that finds work fun, engaging and meaningful.

We believe that there can be real benefit in focusing on the positives, on people’s strengths, and on success – areas that are often overlooked in our day to day lives. Drawing on the emerging field of ‘positive psychology’ (the science of optimal human functioning) we are continuously looking to improve traditional methods in our areas of expertise, whether through subtle enhancements or developing completely new ways of doing things. At all times we look to maintain a rigourous and practical approach.

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