Work Positive

A responsible business

At Work Positive we make genuine efforts to run our business in a responsible manner, and where possible we look to make choices that benefit people, communities and the environment. We know that it is impossible to be perfect but do believe that it is worth doing whatever we can, however small, to make a positive difference.

  • The core of our business operation is carbon neutral. We achieve this by making energy efficiencies, using renewable energy suppliers, and offsetting our carbon footprint by supporting the planting of trees in the UK and Kenya.
  • We ask all of our people to work within the spirit of our environmental position.
  • We travel in a responsible manner. Where we need to fly for our work with clients, we ask them to pay a small premium so that we can offset carbon emissions from our flights.
  • We donate a percentage of our central profits to our chosen charity. From time to time we will rotate our support so that we can back a wide range of good causes.
  • Our ‘Meaningful Work’ scheme allows our consultants to work for the benefit of a good cause by donating their fee from a day’s work.
  • Where we can, we offer support and discounted rates to charities and social entrepreneurs.
  • We believe in practicing what we preach. Recognising and rewarding our team for their positive contribution to our business is therefore central to the way we operate.
  • We take the safety of our people extremely seriously and will not ask anyone to travel to countries or places where we believe there may be a risk to their health, safety or security.
  • We operate an inclusive business which focuses on peoples’ strengths and individuality. We will not discriminate unfairly on the basis of any group membership or characteristic.
  • Our aim is to help our people feel a high level of engagement. We want everyone to enjoy the work they do and to get a sense of meaning from it.
Responsible Trading
  • We pay our suppliers appropriately for the work they do, and we pay them on time.
  • We will not work with clients who we know break with the spirit of our ethical policy.
  • We do not work with suppliers that clearly break with our responsible trading position.
  • We make every effort to comply with legislation in the countries we work within.

And, of course, we aim to have a positive impact on individuals and organisations by applying our expertise in our work.

”The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.“ Richard Bach